About Me

I am not your typical piano teacher. Although I have played the piano almost all my life and started my University life as a Music Education major, after several years at Uni and for many small reasons, I gradually drifted away from my music. Instead, I completed degrees in both Audio-Recording and Electrical Engineering. I enjoyed working as an Electrical Engineer, but my path through life changed again when I began traipsing around the world as a trailing expat spouse. However, I never lost my love of music or the piano and I gradually started playing again. First I accompanied various choirs in Asia and then I taught piano for a few years in Africa. I found I really enjoyed teaching piano and decided to brush up on my piano playing and pedagogy skills.

After my family moved to Perth, I started taking piano performance lessons with a wonderful, warm, and inspirational teacher. I can’t begin to thank her enough for finally showing me how to play the piano with proper technique and understanding. During this time, I also took informative piano pedagogy lessons with another wonderful, experienced, and inspirational piano teacher specializing in training teachers of the piano. With their help (and a lot of practice), I completed Grade 6 and Grade 8 of the Australian Music Education Board piano performance levels and was almost ready to sit my AMusA Diploma exam when my family was repatriated back to the USA.

Now, I’m back in the USA after many years abroad and am currently a member and Webmaster of the Edmonds Music Teacher Association here in the state of Washington where I specialize in teaching adult piano students.

“Life without playing music is inconceivable for me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music, I get most joy in life out of music.”
– Albert Einstein