Lesson Information

Adult Piano Lessons – I teach adults of any age including young adults.

Adult Learner Specialist – I am a lifelong piano student and music lover myself. I initially learned piano when I was young and continued for a few years at University. Much later, I relearned how to play with proper technique as an adult by having fantastic piano teachers and going through AMEB exams. I understand the motivations and difficulties faced by adult piano students and will do my best to help you meet your piano playing goals.

Flexible Lesson times for Adults – Adults have unique busy lives and I am the same. I am not a piano teacher who specializes in children’s piano lessons with a fixed lesson schedule conforming to the school year calendar. Your lesson times can be flexible to fit your schedule.

Lesson Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy – If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson for any reason, contact me as soon as practicable. Twenty-four hour advance notice is extremely helpful, but not required.

Personalized lessons – My piano studio is small enough to give every piano student a lot of attention to detail. We can detail goals and work on the learning to play the piano according to your own inspiration and ideas. Maybe you have a special piece that you really want to play, or you want to learn how to read music better, or maybe you want to just be able to sit down at the piano and play something. We will work toward your goals together and have fun learning music.

Free First Lesson and Evaluation – I like to meet all my prospective students in an informal setting where we can share information about your piano playing background and goals. It is also a chance for you to meet me and make sure that you feel I am the right choice as a piano teacher. After our chat, we will have a free first lesson to get you started on your piano playing journey.

Annual Progress Reviews – Every student receives an annual progress review in my studio. This gives me a chance to reflect on your progress, help you to re-formulate your goals if you wish and gives you written feedback on your playing progress.

Lessons influenced by your goals and learning style – Adults usually come to piano lessons with specific goals in minds. They also tend to learn the piano differently than children. As an adult learner of piano myself, I understand these differences and help you meet your piano goals with your learning style.

Piano social activities – I host bi-annual piano social events through EMTA for adult piano students. These events give my students a chance to mingle and play for other adult piano students in a friendly setting. As a member of the local Music Teacher Association, I also have access to other opportunities for adult students to participate where it makes sense in local music teacher events.

Affordable Lesson Rates – $35.00/half hour or $70.00/hour. Lesson rates include piano books and teaching materials.

Practice Expectations – As a lifelong piano student, I understand that it can be difficult to block out practice time in an adult’s busy schedule. However, practice is important to progress. I’ll help you understand ways to practice more efficiently and share personal tips based on my own experience in trying to fit in personal piano practice.

Studio or Zoom Lessons – I currently offer lessons at my home studio in Edmonds, WA or via Zoom.

Contact me at dawntm.piano@gmail.com to schedule your free first lesson and evaluation.

“There’s nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.”
– Johann Sebastian Bach