Blog Posts by Category

Book Reviews
This category includes any books about music and the piano that I find interesting such as biographies of musicians, novels about learning to play the piano as an adult, brain-music research, piano pedagogy, etc.

DawnTM Teaching Book
When I lived in Australia, I studied for their CTMusA (Certificate of Teaching Music Australia) examination. As part of this qualification, teachers are required to make their own “teaching book” (resource file) for beginning students. My personal “teaching book” has been an ongoing project for me as it has morphed from teaching younger beginners to teaching adults. This category includes my most up-to-date personal teaching materials for adults.

This category is most likely to include posts that don’t fit one of my other main categories, but are relevant to teaching piano.

Music Technology
As a former electrical engineer, I do love technology and enjoy finding productive uses for the latest technology for teaching piano lessons.